The Three Fishers

It is said that Charles Kingsley, who was educated at Helston Grammar School, was inspired by a scene at Porthleven to write the following.

“Three fishers went sailing away to the West,
Away to the West as the sun went down
Each thought on the woman who loved him the best,
And the children stood watching them out of the town,
For men must work, and women must weep,
And there’s little to earn, and many to keep,
Though the harbour - bar be moaning.”

Old Porthleven  . . .

Porthleven is a Cornish village,
“A town”, some like to say,
A picturesque seaside residence –
The sea is called Mount’s Bay.

The harbour is a fine one,
The sands stretch several miles
And not many leagues away
Lies The Wolf and Scilly Isles.

The men go out fishing,
The women mend the nets,
The girls they pack the pilchards.
The boys sell what they get.

Life is not all sunshine
For fishermen and wives,
When waves dash high and winds are wild
They dare not trust the tides.

Far out at sea the lights are twinkling
Like a pretty fairy town,
We know the men are fishing,
The gulls are flying round.

In the morning we shall see them
All arriving, we hope safe and sound,
But sad to say some were missing
It was feared that they were drowned.

Porthleven is a seaside,
Where tourists love to stay,
And if you like cream and pilchards,
Go there right away.


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